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Brittney –

Victim Location 16057

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from this man describing that if I provided him with my address and personal information that I could have someone from his company come and put a decal on my car for free and I would receive $300 a week compensation for it. But it’s a scam.

Wayne –

Victim Location 24502

Type of a scam Other

Recently I have received several communications from supposedly customers with either health problems or physical problems inquiring about my services, in this case plumbing. In one case the text message stated they were deaf and could not talk on the phone but needed my plumbing services. The description of the plumbing problems was such that it was obviously cut and paste from either a web site or other posting. I was suspicious and replied with a simple question of where do you live since the area code was from an outside area. I also ran an internet search on the text phone number (717-707-8813) which came back as being involved in scams. The next day I received a text reply worded like I had agreed to conduct business. Each of the text contained cut and paste wording and repeatedly referred to accepting credit cards. I replied that I was going to forward their texts to the authorities and received a reply containing a four letter word and "off." My assumption is that they had plans or credit card fraud. About two days later, I received almost verbatim the same note on email which I ignored.

Today, I received another email supposedly from a customer in the hospital with cancer wanting to return home, but the home needed some plumbing repairs described again with cut and paste wording. Once again, the email asks about being paid in advance by credit cards and such.

Here’s the text of the email:

This is Anthony Smith. Do you Accept Credit Card as Payment.I will like to know if you do Plumbing? I want you to Instant new Sink ,Pipes,Toilet,Tank . because i just bought a new House from a MAN in the city and right now i want you to help me Plumbing Drain & Sewer Cleaning am a business person. Am presently recuperating from the diagnosis of lung cancer so we will have to communicate via Text or Email, i want the Job to be done before i get back from hospital.i can just make a deposit $1000. When you finish inspect the House, you will give me the Total Cost of the estimate.

All the Sink ,Pipes,Toilet,Tank is inside the House,I will pay for Instant only

NOTE: The Formal Owner will be sending a key to you once you are ready to go inspect on everything i hope you understand so, Get back to me with your Full NAME and ADDRESS.

This type of attempted scam seems to be becoming more frequent!



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