Ann M Sacksteder (Online Claiming Agent )

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Antonio –

Victim Location 39211

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Ann M Sacksteder (Online Claiming Agent )

It came via a friend asking to confirm. this someone who was already a friend so i thought some how we got unfriended. So I feel for it. *** *** *** ***. I know people are using others cell and house phones but

i did not know they could use their facebook account

her: Im doing wonderfully great too. I was wondering if you have heard the news yet?

what news?

Her; That i won money $150,000. from the empowerment agency money grant support program, have you heard from them yet ??

me: no, I not familiar with them. enlighten me, that is wonderful news!

This isn’t joke. i am really serious about this. i did get $150,000 delivered to me days ago after contacting the agent

I saw your name on the winners list when i was signing.

where did you go to sign?

me: if

i am on the list I truly need the money.

her: i think you should contact the delivery agent online, Do you know how or should i give you their contact ??

me: yes, give me their contact info or where

i can see the winners list.

her: Oh yes i do

Ann M Sacksteder

her: Yes i paid for the delivery fees and it was the Ups that delivered my winning package to me at my doorstep

I paid $700 for the delivery fees

I paid using moneygram. What about you?

me: call me

her: I got my phone missing and my land line damaged the day i got the money delivered because i was so happy , in fact am planning on shopping for the best cell ever , hope you are not bothered about that, i will contact you as soon as i get a new phone

below would only allow one so here is part of the conversation I thought I was having with my friend.



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