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Martin –

Victim Location 03102

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Rental

This woman ANN BOOZE posted an add for a room to rent on a website "ROOMSTER" I contacted her using the app and she asked for my email. We began email contact and exchanged information and photos.She even sent photos of herself and gave great detail about self. I agreed to rent the room, sent a copy/photo of my drivers license. She then stated her lawyer would draft a rental agreement. The agreement looked legitimate. She asked for a wire transfer to her mother for the terms of the lease, stating her mother was the technical owner of the apartment. The thing is she asked for the full amount of money for the entire lease not just deposit and first month. I contacted her about this and asked her to phone me, this is where she started with excuses, she was in a seminar and couldn’t call etc.. I agreed and instead of a wire transfer I did a money order for only the deposit and first month. Then she got demanding in the emails stating she needed a clear copy of the deposit slip so she could then send me the keys to the place. I started doing more research and the photos she sent you can see out the bedroom window it appears to be a few stories above ground and you can see roof tops in the city below, but when I went on Google earth the residence is a one story home. I asked and she emailed, again not willing to give me a phone number or call me. She said google can be wrong and to relax and get ready to move in with her in the great apartment. The next thing, once she had the money deposited she states she will mail the key and it will arrive no later than the next evening,

It did not arrive and I get more emails now stating she was delayed because her mother is sick and it would help if she had all the money for the rent and then she wouldn’t have to worry about collecting rent during the lease. I did not send the rest and she continues stating she needs money for her "mum’s" care



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