Animal Airlines Pet Transport

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Travis –

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We went onto Eclassifieds4U and wanted to purchase a puppy for our 6 year old daughter. They told me that they had to ship the puppy as they were in Winnipeg and I am in Hamilton, Ontario. I got an email from this agency called Animal Airlines Pet Transport stating that we needed to send a moneygram to them for $500 as we were getting 2 puppies – one for us and one for a friend. We phoned this agency and they stated they did not accept a credit card and that their website was under construction and that we would need to do it through Western Union. We did this even though my husband was skeptical, we were told these puppies were being given up because the owner’s wife had a brain tumour. The next morning we received an email that they required $750.00 for pet insurance before they could ship the puppies through Western Union again and that we would receive this money back upon arrival of puppies. We did not feel comfortable doing this so i phoned to check if this agency was legit and they could not locate it.



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