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Sheila –

Victim Location 75703

Type of a scam Employment

After submitting a resume on, I was contacted through email that someone was interested in hiring me and about meeting through *** Hangouts for an interview and learn more about the company. It seemed legit. I had asked for company information prior to the interview through email and was told that everything would be given to me during the interview. I thought it was weird that I couldn’t be told about the company prior to the interview and that work emails were not used in regards to interviews or HR. I met with Tara Williams on Hangouts (email: [email protected]) and answered her questions and was told I was qualified for the position. The position was full time, $30 an hour and benefits. Was told I would receive a check for programs needed to work from home. While the interview was going through I checked to see if there was a website,, and saw that it hadn’t been current in over a year; which sent red flags up for me. After the interview was over I sent an email to [email protected] and told them I was no longer interested in the position. The next day I received a cashier check, I believe for the programs mentioned for the position. I was told that the US headquarters is in Flordia, but the package was send from OK, and the check is from a Jersey Shore bank.

I saw through ***.com that other scams, similar to this, was happening-all through *** Hangouts for the interview and were being contacted through other gmail accounts.

I don’t know what to do exactly with the cashier check. I had called the phone number on the *** package it came in, left a message, and had emailed Anita to let them know I had received the check and how I could get it back to them-have not received an answer from either.

Bryce –

Victim Location 43055

Type of a scam Employment

I received 2 emails on Wednesday, 2/21/17 one was general and the other was from a Ms. Gonzales saying that my resume was chosen and interviews were being conducted on Thursday 2/23/17 from 8am to 5pm. The email gave a code KMH-850. So I logged on yesterday to Google hangout. The person asked all the right questions. The person person posing as Mr. Woods said that the company would send me a check to purchase software. I asked for a physical address where I lived. Wouldn’t give me one only that they would contact me when it opened up. I asked the person what they could tell me about the company that wasn’t on the website. Mr. Woods replied that if I didn’t want to work for the company there were other people willing to work. I started to buy into it but not totally. I did except, but reluctantly. I was on line this morning and found the exact hiring code. (The person did ask for my address and name of my bank, which I gave but no account numbers.)

Corey –

Victim Location 98338

Type of a scam Employment

Dear Applicant,

Your resume has been reviewed by our HR Department and we believe you are capable of handling this position based on your resume. Your details has been forwarded to Mrs. Dora Gonzalez (Hiring Manager).She would like to conduct an online interview with you Tomorrow Tuesday, October 11, 2016, from 8am-5pm to discuss more about the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist/General Office Clerk/Office Assistant/Data Entry Position that you are yet to occupy, also you will get to know more about the Job Details, Pay Scale and Benefits, etc.

You are required to set up a screen name with a Gmail account on ( and then an hangout on ( and message/chat Mrs. Dora Gonzalez on ( [email protected] ) for the interview and briefings. Your verification code is (KMC-850), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matter a lot. I wish you best of luck.

Best regards,

Human Resources



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