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Cassandra –

Victim Location 49015

Type of a scam Employment

I had a gig posted on Fiverr and I was reached out to by a user by the name of “britany710” she told me that she was an employment recruitment office with the company, Recruit Express. She then gave me a skype ID of one of the collages that she said would be conducting the interview. The name of the Skype account is “jaud_rey”. She then conducted an interview with me which seemed to go well. I then was asked to send my resume to the admissions department of Recruit Express at “[email protected]” I then received a reply email stating the following “After the interview and many more hours of careful consideration, it is my pleasure to inform you that RECRUIT EXPRESS (US SECTION) has decided to offer you the position of VIRTUAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT. You were chosen out of a field of 05, and the final decision was based on your LOCATION.

The specifics of your salary is written inside the attached form and other compensations, as well as your duties, will be discussed through your (ORIENTATION OFFICER) Anderson Jack. Kindly contact him at +18655004728 or Via Google-Hangout ( [email protected] ) to indicate if you are accepting this position. Attached is your Employment Agreement Letter. Kindly sign the form and send it back with valid ID if you accept the job offer. We look forward to working with you.” Attached to the email was an employment agreement document which I was asked to fill out and return to them via E-Mail. So far these people have my name, my address, my phone number, and my e-mail account. I then spoke with “Anderson Jack” via google hangouts and he conducted an “Orientation” this orientation consisted of asking my hours of availability to work, also it discussed my wages which was a staggeringly high amount of $30.00 USD. He also told me that I was going to be starting training tomorrow and that I would be paid but he needed direct deposit information from my banking institution. I then received an email with a direct deposit form attached and upon me opening the file and filling it out to the bottom I noticed that they had requested not only my online banking username but my password as well as my security questions and answers. This was one of the many Red flags that were thrown up for me and this one was the one that broke the camels back because that is extremely personal information that no employer should ever need to know in order to start direct deposit. I am one hundred percent positive that this recruiting agency is a scam to ruin my credit. I also believe that the cold has opened credit cards through my banking account as well as reorder checks and change my billing address and other account information. When I sent “Anderson Jack” a message on Google Hangouts stating that I felt extremely uncomfortable with the admissions group asking for my personal banking information, he then refused to reply to my questions. I however blocked and deleted all of there contacts were deleted. I then joined a credit monitoring service.



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