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Arthur –

Victim Location 88401

Total money lost $330.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Inquired about purchasing a puppy and the price was $550 for shipping and purchase, plus the Western Union of $30.99. Ana said she would accept $300 and the $250 would be COD upon delivery. When I was filling out the form for Western Union they asked for a street address so I called her back to get the street address and she said not to go through the bank account but through the debit/credit icon and then I wouldn’t need an address. When I got upset of having to pay the $30.99 for using the credit/debit instead of the bank account for $10.00 she then offered to take it off the $250 and charged me $220 instead. So I finally finished the paperwork for Western Union and sent the money to Fonka Thomas in Atalanta Georgia. After she received the money Ana said the shipping company would call me with the shipping confirmation. After several hours of waiting Jason Oliva from the shipping company finally called and said email was sent and to confirm the address. The email had an address for the Swift Animal Transport as 1157 Standard Dr., NE, Atlanta, GA. Then he called back and said the cost was $1200 for a thermal cage. I got angry and said he was a scam, then he said he was listed with the better and was not a scam.



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