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Crystal –

Victim Location 90806

Type of a scam Employment

I have copied and paste Ms. *** *** and also the email from HR.

Note this crime is in process. They are going to mail me a check according to the instructions and I am suppose to start training on Monday, April 10th, 2017.

My name is Mrs Jelson Wanda the Hiring Manager of Amerigroup … I Am here to brief you more about the job briefing/interview and will also like to know if you are ready for your interview. To Amerigroup

What’s your full name and where are you located ?

Here is the company website ( You are required to use (TEN) minutes of your time to glance through the website and read more about the company. let me know as soon as you are done so we can proceed with the briefing..Okay ?

I will start by briefing you about the company. 

Amerigroup cares about people. We are passionate about serving our members and go the extra mile to make sure individuals receive the services and supports they need. We foster relationships and community partnerships to develop programs that make a difference in the lives of our members, their families, and the communities we serve.

For the main time you are to work from home the company is preparing an office closer to your location you will move in once we are done with the project is that clear to you?

We engage and support members and their families throughout their experience. Amerigroup is there at every step – as a passionate advocate and ally focused on listening, respecting, providing support, and taking action. We understand members’ day-to-day lives, preferences, and long-term goals so that we can help them get the most from their benefits and access the care and services they need.

Trust, dignity and respect

High ethical standards and behaviors Teamwork and accountability

We’re true partners to states: Amerigroup’s on-the-ground teams work with state agencies, providers, and the community to develop innovative programs and services. We offer practical solutions for Medicaid health care programs that help states achieve their goals for improved member health outcomes, administrative efficiencies, and cost savings.

Amerigroup has a strong track record of improving members’ lives and meeting health goals. We deliver superior performance and improved health outcomes for measures that are of critical importance. Across every state we serve, our commitment to member care is demonstrated in the positive outcomes our programs have achieved

The Position Available withing the company is for Administrative Assistant,Data Entry,Customer Service Representative,Office Assistant/Receptionist  which position do you prefer ?

Data Entry

Main duties and responsibilities is to enter data into computers. This data may be text and numbers. It may relate to customers, suppliers and manufacturers and may be scientific, technical, financial or sales-based. The computer system dictates the way the worker enters the data. The system requires data to be in a specific format so it can produce material such as invoices and analytical reports. Can you handle it ? 

Customer Service Representative 

Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other products and services.

Opens customer accounts by recording account information.

Maintains customer records by updating account information.

Resolves product or service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaint; determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem; expediting correction or adjustment; following up to ensure resolution.

Can you handle it?

You will undergo three days training from your training supervisor, He/She will training you on how to work with the programs accurate and other Data entry works you will need to get done.Your training is going to be done online .

You will Earn $20.71 per hour and training $19 per hour You will receive your pay via Direct deposit or Paycheck weekly.

Will you like to be paid Bi weekly or weekly, Direct deposit or paycheck and what bank do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company’s official salary payment account ?


Amerigroup members do not need a referral from their primary care providers (PCPs) for dental care

benefits. Nevada Medicaid members under 21 and Nevada Check Up members under 19 get the following

covered benefits:

? Comprehensive dental care such as:

– Routine preventive and restorative dental services, including an exam and cleaning every six months

and services to restore teeth and maintain dental health care

? X-rays every six months

– For children under age 6, as needed based on the dental exam

? Fillings every 6 months

? Emergency extractions and care to lessen pain

? Other treatments as medically necessary such as:

– Orthodontia

– Surgery to correct a wide range of diseases, injuries and defects to the head, neck, face, jaws, and

hard and soft tissues of the lower jaw and face region 

At age 1, Amerigroup Medicaid members under 21 and Nevada Check Up members under 19 should begin

seeing a dentist every six months.

Nevada Medicaid members age 21 and older get:

? Partials

? Dentures

? Emergency extractions

? Palliative care

Nevada pregnant members receive the following additional benefits (upon dentist approval):

? Periodic scaling and root planing

? Second cleaning

? One hundred percent coverage for treatment of inflamed gums around wisdom teeth 

Vision care

Amerigroup members do not need a referral from their PCPs for eye care benefits. Members get eye exams

once every 12 months..

Do you have any question before we proceed with the interview ?

We are now on question and answer interview section. As soon as you are done answering any question, you are to write DONE…Understood ?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Tell me about a time you failed and what you learned from it 

Why are you currently looking for a different position or this position?

What’s one thing you want to get better at? 

How do you expect to make a difference at Amerigroup ? 

You have done well so far and you seem like a perfect fit for this position,I need you to hold on online because i need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job.

I am back now..the result for the interview is on my desk are you still available online?

Congratulations the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company and  will like to see your diligence,Charisma,Commitment to this job.

This means As soon as your working equipments are available, My superior’s will reach you in person along with your Position offer-documents and your working paper’s. Also they will put you through our company guidelines under US Human Resources Laws and Regulations

You would be eligible to Benefits after 1 month of working with the company


To enable you sit for this job and position there are working equipment and software’s which are required for this job and position this is because you will be working from home as all expenses are handle by the company, so there for the company will be sending you a  check, this check will be for the purchase of all the working equipment that you need as you will be purchasing them from the company local vendor, method of purchase and means of payment will be made known to you when the check get to you, as you will be getting the check asap…You are advise to be here online by 8 am by Monday morning so i can attach you to your training supervisor that will instruct you on the use of the software and he will be in charge of your duties is that clear?

In the mean time i need you to provide me with these following information to enable the company’s secretary’s department put you into register. Full names, state, city, address, zip code and cell #

That will be all for today, make sure you are prompt online 8 am tomorrow so that i can connect you to your training supervisor.Have a Great Day and Stay Bless

Here is the email and a list of cc’s (I would conclude that these are other individuals who were on the online job interview),

———- Forwarded message ———-


Date: Apr 6, 2017 5:40 PM



Cc: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Dear Applicant, Our recruitment team viewed your resume published Application: Customer Service Rep, Call Center and Data Entry Full Time/ Part Time) and we are pleased with your qualifications. Following our newest online screening introduced by ScamPulse.comcracy, The interview session will commence online.Your resume has been reviewed the company has decided to give you a chance to proceed to the next employment process, you have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to discuss more about the position offered. You are required to set up a Gmail account ( then download the app from you app store i.e for smart phone and for PC you can download one from the Gmail pngage to download the app. After this process, you are to add Mrs Jelson Wanda on Google hangout for Gmail is ([email protected]) to your buddy list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details. She would be online waiting to talk to you ASAP. If you have any problem in setting up the Google Hangout icon you can email her on ([email protected]) Interview Venue: Online Via Google HangoutInterview Schedule: ASAPTime: (9am-4pm)Training is AvailableYour verification code is (AAC-0334), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot. Best Regards,Human Resources Department



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