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Kristin –

Victim Location 37217

Total money lost $269.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a pop-up / AD that looked legitimately likke from Microsoft and it made a loud noise (alert) and Asked me to call a number. I called and as usual the Indian people pick up and give me a code so that they can have access to my laptop. She scares me into believing my network has been hacked, shows me a fake list of downloads and offers to help and install so many firewalls, softwares that’ll protect me, anti-virus programs. Says $259.99 for 3 -years. 5 years is $400 something. LIFETIME is $599.99. Pulls up a website through internet explorer, I type in my credit card information and she sees it ALL! including my code in the back of my card! Tells me it’ll take 60-90 minutes. I notice and google it’s a scam so turn off my computer and they lose access in the middle of running a program so they call me from different numbers to get me to turn it on and do some things. I call back and ask them to refund me, they try to convince me not to, but send me and an email and supposedly refund me. I get a notification from my bank saying my cards been charged and the money deducted but my bank is still processing it. Will File A Claim and get a new card.



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