American Sweepstakes, Inc.

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Carla –

Victim Location 97128

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This is a scam. Live person called claiming to be a "Dr." He asked for my mother by name, but the call came to my phone number. My mother has NEVER lived with me and she has NEVER used my phone number. He claimed she had won a sweepstakes. The Company he said he was representing is American Sweepstakes, Inc. This is the third call I’ve had claiming the same thing, but all from different phone numbers. "Dr." was rude and argumentative. I gave him no information. I just kept him on the phone long enough to get the name of the company.

Angel –

Victim Location 97128

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Representative called on my phone asking for my elderly mother. He had her name and address, but was using my landline phone number. My mother is 95, lives in assisted living, does not live with me, has never lived with me and has never used my phone number for anything. He said she had won a sweepstakes she entered by filling out a "coupon" in 11/2016. This is the second time a rep from this company has called me. At no time have I given any information to them regarding me or my mother. An online check of the company name indicates they never offer any sweepstakes under the name of American Sweepstakes, Inc. I believe this is a scam and/or a phishing call. The rep gave me a name and a phone number, but they may both be false. I filed a fraud alert with the FTC.



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