American Recovery Reinvest Aid

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Edwin –

Victim Location 85714

Type of a scam Government Grant

They call me and told me that I was chosen by the government to receive$9,800 in Grants that I will not have to pay the money back and I can use it for whatever I need like to buy a car or a house and the reason why they were calling me is because it was this program by Obama which is called (A.R.R.A) American Recovery reinvest Aid.AND WITH THIS PROGRAM IT WAS 1700 PEOPLE SELECTED TO GET GRANTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND THEN THEY TOLD ME TO GO TO WALMART AND BUY YOU GIFT CARD AND ACTIVATE A CODE THAT THEY GIVE ME THE CODE IS CO 105 AND TO PAY $250 UP FRONT TO SECURE THE DEPOSIT COMING TOWARDS ME.



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