American Premier Escrow

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Dominic –

Victim Location 10306

Total money lost $4,333.27

Type of a scam Employment

I worked for American Premier Escrow Inc based out in California as an "escrow agent." They told me that I would get paid monthly all I had to do was inspect packages like clothing or regular items that were brought from eBay or amazon that were shipped to my house then I would print out the USPS label and ship it back out to the buyer. I never got paid the amount i was supposed to receive and I constantly called them on the day after I was supposed to get paid and they never picked up or called me back. I was also offered before this whole scam blew up in my face an escrow funds assistant which was to transfer money from pay pal to the buyer and I get 2% of the money. Sure I got 2% of $4,333.27 but I had to wire internationally 4,222.27 to a bank in Latvia. the item was an X-RAY machine for a dental office and they never received it so they filed a dispute and Paypal in order to comply with their policies they had to take 4,333.27 out of my account. So I am now trying to do some leg work which I shouldn’t have to do because what they did was unfair and abusive to report these people.



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