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Rachel –

Victim Location 36526

Type of a scam Employment

Job ad posted on craigslist for cancer and prescription screeners for commission type pay. Upon sending them resume information, they emailed with information to take hipaa certification online, go to an online training session (very professional), and fill out information about you personally (including social security number). Because I did not fill out the information, I do not know if their aim was to steal identities. I do know that the individuals I spoke with were very professional, but their business did not exist. Their address led to apartments on google maps, the name of their building did not show up where they stated they were located. The phone numbers do not show the person I was supposed to be talking to. Very professional individuals in both the online training session and on the phone. They state where you can go to do these screenings and that they will send you your materials. They tell you what kind of insurance is accepted, and which is not. They also tell you who is eligible for these screenings and who is not based off of medication and cancer information. They send you a thorough application that you are expected to fill out when you preform a scan, and ask you to test it so that you are comfortable. They tell you detailed information about both scans and give you advice on how to efficiently preform these scans. It seems very legitimate but it does not add up, and there is no information on their business.



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