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Juan –

Victim Location 32819

Type of a scam Employment

I had been job searching for an administrative type of position and I was mostly looking at craigslist (first mistake) I emailed a bunch of postings with my resume and a cover letter. I got an email back from this person that says he was "Alex Hines" who is a "member staff- American International Group, Inc.. NYSE" saying that he needed an assistant "to enable me acheive and give the best to my business". He then asks how much I got on the internet, what bank I with (although not asking for my account info or anything) how many hours I would be willing to work a week, if I wanted weekly, or biweekly pay (!!) I didn’t respond to this email because it seemed very sketchy. I researched the American International Group and what came up was an accounting scam and I thought that was super sketchy and I didnt’t reply to the email. Then I get a text from this Alex person asking me If I had gotten the email and I responded by saying that I was researching to make sure it was legit, and he responded back saying it was and that he was waiting for my response to his email. I thought that since he "personally texted me" that it was safe so I responded to his email and he wanted me to fill out a very simple email application (sketchy simple). Fast forward to the next morning I get an email saying he sent a check to me and wants me to tell him when I get it..didn’t respond, texted me asking if I gotten the check, I responded and said what tasks do I need to do with this check. He said that "you will be using part of the funds to coplete task by paying the shipping agent shipping the materials needed for work" I then asked him for a link to his social media because I couldn’t find it and he said "I don’t do all that". Then he asks me again If I recierved the check. At this point I am 10000% sure this is scam.



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