American Home Inspector

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Nicholas –

Victim Location 80923

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I am a home inspector, my email along with hundreds of others were added to this email list provided by American Home Inspector. I have never heard of them and have no affiliation with them. I do not know how they got my email or anyone else’s, they must all have been stolen or collected in a dragnet from my home inspection association. The scammer’s website is

Any replies to the email sender, or to the email address provided to be removed from the list sends an email to the hundreds of other targeted people. The website comprises of a signup page to pay money (via credit card or paypal) for services which are no doubt non-existent. The only information available on this company is a phone number listed by the website registrar which is not related to the company. There is another phone number listed on the Facebook page for American Home Inspector, again which is not related to the company in any way.



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