American Credit Debt Solutions Inc.

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Tina –

Victim Location 60614

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Report of a Fraudulent Business: American Credit Debit Solutions Inc

Run by Scammers with Criminal and Bankruptcies Records:

Raymon L Azcui (AKA Raymon Azcui) and Laura Fallick (AKA Laura Godbold)

And Identity Theft Report

Fraudulent Business Info:

Virtual Address: 350 Fifth Ave 59th Floor, New York, NY 10118.

Registered Address in NJ:

American Credit Debt Solutions, Inc

Entity ID 0450048533

Original Filing Date: 2/1/2016




Address Status: DELIVERABLE

Main Business Address: 6809 BERGENLINE AVENUE, GUTTENBERG, NJ, 07093


Following are the most recently reported officers/directors (corporations),

managers/members/managing members (LLCs), general partners (LPs), trustees/officers


Title: OTHER


Address: 4209 PARK AVENUE, APT 7, UNION CITY, NJ, 07087

Website (this website doesn’t work)

Email [email protected]

Phone Number: 1 973 454 1160

Bank name: *** *** Bank Address: *** *** *** *** *** NJ *** Account #: *** Routing #: *** Type of Account: *** *** Account

I signed up for a credit service with American Credit Debt Solutions Inc after I saw their ad on Craigslist. After 2 months of horrific experience with the people running that scam business I discovered that they have been scamming people for years and they have criminal records and bankruptcies records. They keep lying and they never deliver any service. When I asked them for a refund they promised to send it then after 5 weeks I received nothing. Laura and Ray keep giving excuses like they have really bad cold and they are in the hospital and their computer crashed and other bold lie excuses and never deliver the service or send back the refund (even though they give you 100% money back guarantee letter signed by allegedly CEO Ray Azcui). My first contact with Laura was on 5/30/2017. I had multiple unauthorized transaction with my *** ** *** and ***. I believe I am a victim of identity theft.

When I did a full research about them I found out that they have been doing that and scamming people for years. It seems every 2-3 years they come up with a new business name and open a new business bank account and then scam people out of their money and when they reach the apex point they file for bankruptcy. Old businesses I found those scammers have used to scam and steal money from people are:

– Spectrum Funding Solutions. Ripoff Report #: *** dated: 8/16/2015.

– American Eagle Credit Solutions. Complaints Board Report # *** dated 7/8/2011.

– Ray Azcui Loan Officer. Ripoff Report #: *** dated 3/7/2010.

– American Credit Debt Solutions. Ripoff Report #: *** dated 9/28/2015. And Ripoff Report #: *** dated 8/23/2017.

Those are criminals who change businesses every 2-3 years, steal people’s money and then file for bankruptcy. They need to be stopped and thrown in jail forever. Otherwise they will keep harming people and stealing their hard earned money by abusing the US laws.

Transactions and Fraud reports to the banks:

1st wire transfer $850 on 10/12/2017 from my *** ** *** account. TRN: *** 2nd wire transfer $1650 on 10/20/2017 from my *** ** *** account. TRN: *** I did wire transfer recalls to get my money back but *** *** denied them (unavailable funds):

$850 Wire Recall Confirmation Number: *** $1650 Wire Recall Confirmation Number: *** I Informed *** *** about this fraud multiple times after 12/12/2017.

I filed *** Police Report Number: ***.

*** *** Attorney General Complaint Number ***.

*** *** Attorney General Complaint File Number ***.

*** *** *** compliant reference number: ***.

*** *** *** *** *** complaint number ***.

I am in the process of filing a law suit in ***  County Superior Court and a complaint at *** County Consumer Protection Office under the *** ***  Consumer Fraud Act. I am also trying to get help from *** County Sheriff Office to prosecute the criminals Ray and Laura and give them criminal charges.



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