American Cash Sweepstakes (Roy Clark)

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Monique –

Victim Location 27401

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My elderly mother received a phone call from an individual named Roy Clark saying he was from American Cash Sweepstake and that she had come in second place in a sweepstake.The prize is 3.5 million and a new Mercedes Benz.She not understanding what was going on, had Mr Clark call me.As we talked, he explained to me about the prizes and told me that I had to go to a Walmart to redeem the prizes.Some information would have to be given.At that point I told him that I was at work and really could not talk right now, but I would be getting off at 6:00 and he was welcome to call and talk then.He said he would call back at 6.He explained to me that due to the prize amount that I should not discuss this with anyone because terrorist groups and others prey on people that are wealth so this would help keep her identity hidden.He assured me that the sweepstakes company was a member of the BBB( 6 o’clock call never came.The number he called from was 876-530-1173.Call was received at 11:29am on 3/17/2016




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