Amber Williams

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Francisco –

Victim Location 85298

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I signed up to be a nanny on which is how “Amber” contacted me wanting to watch her two children at her apartment. We then messaged through email because I was interested in the position and she gave me a long detailed description of what her kids were like and she included that her husband had died from cancer, that she works at Cargill Incorporated she was relocating from Nebraska to Arizona. She asked me for my address, phone number, etc. and foolishly I gave it to her, and then she ends up mailing me a check for over $1,000. She said that was to cover me for the first week and she included extra money than she originally told me that she would pay me just to cover for her household groceries and such for the month. My roommate then took a look at the check and told me that it was fake and that this whole thing was a scam.



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