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Bryce –

Victim Location 45140

Total money lost $2,690

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was contacted by these 2 individuals (see below) claiming that they had a buyer for a time-share that I own in Mexico. They said that they could broker the sale. They knew that I owned the time-share and where. I was sent several pieces of legitimate looking paperwork. I researched their companies on-line and did not find any complaints. They seemed legitimate. They said that they would handle the transaction and all I had to pay was the real-estate transfer fee of 10% of the sale price by wire transfer to a bank in Mexico. This 10% fee would be refunded to me at the time of closing along with the sale price for the time-share. I went back on-line and after further investigation I elected to proceed. I wire transferred $2690 U.S.D. from my bank as per their instructions. The following week, after they received the wire transfer, I was notified that there was a “problem” with the closing. They wanted me to transfer an additional $5918 U.S.D. to correct the “problem” that they were having with “governmental issues” regarding the real-estate transfer in Mexico. I refused, suggested that they fulfill their original agreement by having them send the additional money themselves or to refund my initial payment. They then said that I had to pay a $1500 U.S.D. cancellation fee, also wire transferred to Mexico, if I didn’t send them the $5918 U.S.D. to proceed with the sale. This cancellation fee would also prevent them from taking legal action against me. I told them that I would not send them any other money. Now I found out that neither of their alleged businesses is even registered with the states of Michigan or Colorado. This was a scam from the very beginning. They are very slick. Don’t be taken in.



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