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Shaun –

Victim Location 80237

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This a fraud from a seller on Amazon. I want to report Amazon they are allowing this kind of scam. Because I call Amazon but they don’t want to fixed it. Here is how it happens and it is so obvious a fraud.

The seller step up a trap by the following steps. (My amazon account name is [email protected]).

1. The seller sends me a product (MACbook) with problems that were not in the description. (The order number is 108-4983992-1490651)

2. And then the seller offers me an option of returning and replacing the product.

3. And then the seller gives me a Fedex label and lets me return the MACBook to him. At that time I don’t know that label doesn’t require signature to receive the package.

4. Once I drop the package to Fedex, the seller just disappears. He cuts all the ways that I can reach him. I called him 100 times and no phone call back. And he ignore all my email or massages.

5. When I found things are not going well, I report to Amazon immediately, but Amazon just tells me they are not sure the seller has received the package since it doesn’t require signature. However it shows clearly that the package was delivered on 12/23/15 by the Fedex website. (tracking number is 775254707978)

I have all the evidence that prove how did he set up this trap step by step. I can show you the chat record in my phone and through my email if you wanted. If this is not a fraud why didn’t he even picked up my phone call even once?

Also the label is sent by him, it is apparent he knows Amazon’s package police and try to make money on it. Even if the package is lost, he should take responsibility, because he is supposed to know your policy and he is the guy who sent me the Fedex label(evidence in my email that I can should you if you want).

Please help me to fix this. 1100 dollars is really a lot to me. Amazon should be responsible on this. This is not just about me, if this seller cannot be punished, he will do this again.



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