Amazon Employment Scam

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Taylor –

Victim Location 60636

Type of a scam Employment

Hello, this is Sarah calling with retail paid. Org and non-profit recruitment firm. I saw your resume online and I’m calling about an online opportunity working with Amazon. You will be listing products and posting reviews online in your spare time. I really pay ranges from $17 to $32 an hour. We are currently hiring 23 people this month. So please register today at retail That’s retail. Pay. O r g.

Brad –

Victim Location 60628

Type of a scam Employment


Courtney –

Victim Location 98226

Type of a scam Employment

They called my number and left a message for “Max” (which is not my, or anyone I know’s name) reminding him to submit his application to work from home at They claimed I could make $3000-$6000 dollars per month from home by going to, which redirected me to a website that was obviously not affiliated with Amazon.

Ryan –

Victim Location 90018

Total money lost $47

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company they had me watch a video then call in. Well I got a voice mail. No call back.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 98580

Type of a scam Employment

Called me and I didn’t answer because I didn’t know who it was and get a lot of calls like that they left a message so I listened to it and it was a female saying hi this is so and so I couldn’t make out the name I’m calling regarding the work from home application you submitted for amazon please go to selected website and finish your application and ya…of course when I typed it in it started to redirect me somewhere else and she didn’t seem like a human any way



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