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Marcus –

Victim Location 97005

Type of a scam Employment

Same as others reported, hiring only 23 people, was told to go to website

I noticed while searching that a scam had already been posted

Patricia –

Victim Location 48134

Type of a scam Employment

“Hello match brown here calling about your application you submitted to work from home with Amazon please visit Amazon data jobs dot com now to complete your application and learn how you can earn up to $6000 per month working from home with Amazon again that’s Amazon data jobs dot com Amazon D-A-T-A jobs with an S dot com thank you…”

-did not go to the site because I have not applied for an Amazon job

Robin –

Victim Location 30707

Type of a scam Employment

They leave a voicemail asking to complete a application at amazon data job. Com. However the website is a scam.

Adam –

Victim Location 38965

Type of a scam Employment

This scammer appears to call from different numbers advising that I need to complete an application for for a work from home position. I had worked for Amazon once beforehand. I had to end my employment during the training period. It was referring to data entry with Amazon and that is what I have been looking for. A position doing data entry from home. I went to the website and it started out about Amazon. I listened to the extremely long video. I have to admit it was exciting but sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, my husband and I are rather in a bind financially. This made us more gullible. We actually did try to purchase into the program. It was only $47.00. We were extremely blessed that our banking facility blocked the purchases. I kept getting that my card was not accepted and try another card. I feel so foolish that I actually did try another card. It also was declined. I was thinking this is impossible. I called the number on the screen and was told my bank was blocking the purchase. I contacted my bank. Yes, I did try 2 times on each card thinking I had miss-entered information. My banking agent advised me that the two attempts that were blocked were representing various companies. All four attempts that I made on two separate cards were each going to a different company. I am so BLESSED that my bank caught this and was smarter than I was and stopped it. He also advised that the transaction attempts were from foreign countries. I cancelled both cards due to them having my information. Once you input your information on the application for the scammer now has your personal information. Please don’t be stupid and desperate like I was. I’m so thankful and blessed that they did not get any money from me.

Blake –

Victim Location 49601

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer called and left a message saying I needed to complete an application for a work from home opportunity from Amazon. I could supposedly make thousands of dollars a month if I just completed my application.



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