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Sabrina –

Victim Location 39701

Type of a scam Employment

This company will hire you and have you to sign a contract and once you start working you will receive packages your duty is to inspect the package to make sure everything is in there and reship it. You are working from a work panel. On your work panel is where you see what you are supposed to be receiving and what day. you have to upload pictures and print off labels that they send you via email. You are paid a base salary of $3100 plus $25 bonus every package that is mail within 24 hours of you receive in the label. You have to be on a 30 day probation so you get paid 30 days from when you started then after that you Can get paid weekly.. You are working from a work panel So what happens is they will disable my work So you can’t work But they will continue to send you back packages but you don’t know where to send them. So when you call they will never answer nor respknd to emails. I called a text and nobody would respond. You are supposed to do every task in order to be paid at the end of the 30 Days but you will never get paid

Hannah –

Victim Location 27577

Type of a scam Employment

Sending packages to home so they can be shipped to another address. At the beginning they seem to be legit. That had a human resource department and all. We received several packages total 14 and they were shipped back. Tamara Hicks would send an email to advise of the shipment but after awhile she stopped. We figured everything was going well until 4 day before “the probation” period ended. She wouldn’t answer emails not calls. Realizing at that time that we will not going to be paid for the month. I have copy of all receipts, emails and pictures sent and forwarded info.

Lance –

Victim Location 79928

Type of a scam Employment

They contact you by either phone or email based on your resume postings online. They offered a job receiving packages and then re sending them to a warehouse. They offer $2,000 a month plus bonuses for sending packages on the same day. The duty is to receive boxes, inventory them, take pictures, annotate the contents on their website via secure log in etc. After i was interview by phone, they send a contract to sign. I even received a welcome letter as i was hired. But never heard from them again. They have a copy of my drivers license. I opted out to received payments by check. I believe that is why i was never contacted again. their web site seems to be taken down and

The human resources contact was

Melissa Afra

[email protected]

Eddie –

Victim Location 83001

Type of a scam Employment

They asked me to send them my Identification and set up a pay pal account to receive checks. I was to receive packages and send them off to proposed address.

Hello Charity,

We would like to welcome you to our family like environment. We are excited that you have accepted our job offer.

Shortly your personal manager will contact you and provide access to your admin panel. Information will be sent via email. check your inbox and spam folder on a regular basis.

Please, from now on make sure that you keep an eye on all incoming mails. You should receive your first package and shipping supplies within 3-7 business days from now.

You are working with one of the most top rated companies in EU so please, keep the professional manner and business behavior. Make sure that you pick up phone calls during the office hours and check your email daily.

We officially welcome you to "AM SMART SALES". You have passed verification. We wish you success and prosperity in "AM SMART SALES".

Again, congratulations!

Regards, HR Department

Toll Free: (800) 716-0504

Fax: (888) 813-2009


6262 Weber Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78413


Phone Support: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm EST

Email Support: 24 hours / 7 days

Hillary –

Victim Location 71111

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted through to email a manager my resume for employment as a “store room manager” for AM Smart Sales. After I communicated with them through email and phone, they emailed me tax forms to fill out and also the employee agreement. I worked for them a month and a half and then they stopped communicating with me and didn’t reply to emails and wouldn’t answer my calls and then blocked my phone number. And I never received payment for working, aka wages. Please don’t be fooled into being “employed” by them or using their services as a customer.



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