Allure Skin

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Evan –

Victim Location 78154

Total money lost $40.68

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Contact offers sample that leads you to believe it is Christy Brinkly pure Radiance skin cream sample for 4.95. As you order an additional product is added for 4.94. When you receive it no info comes with it and it is Pure Radiant not what was offered. Seventeen days later you are charged 81.37 for what they claim is a subscription you agreed to in the purchase. This agreement is hidden in the terms and agreement in very small print that you needed to cancel. They offer to refund 50% of the charge and you get nothing. They also try to do this for the second product they added without consent. The phone for the second product that was 4.94 is 18558264452. You receive nothing for the 40.68 they keep. Several people in our area were hit by this according to our bank.



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