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Jose –

Victim Location 75032

Type of a scam Phishing


Tyler –

Victim Location 68005

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Allied litigation called with my past cash advance loan information. Stating they would lower the cost u owed advance america or be taken to court and have legal action taken against me. Tried 3x to withdraw money from my account. Rude and hung upon me stating they had a job to do and i was playing games. Also said they had been sending me mail for 1 and 1/2 yrs to current address which was false bc i have lived there for over 20 yrs.

Cody –

Victim Location 55426

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A woman calling herself Emily Jackson called me from a local number: 612-587-2986 and said she had been instructed by Hennepin County Courts to contact me about a case being filed against me. Because she was unable to speak to me she would be calling my supervisor at my place of employment to notify them they would be "locating me" at work for the purpose of serving me with paperwork. She said I could call 855-403-4035 to discuss the case with the litigation firm pursuing it.

I called the 855 number. Both the woman at the 855 number and Emily had southern accents. I was told I was speaking with a "special investigator" with Allied Litigation. She said they were in the process of serving court paperwork at my place of employment on an unpaid debt and were attempting to locate me for that purpose. I asked who the first woman was with. She answered, "An affiliate." I said I wanted a letter documenting this debt. The woman said no, they’d already tried to contact me multiple times and I had ignored it every time. I said this was my first contact and she was talking to me. I said, you have my cell phone number, do you have my home address to send me documentation? She said, "We have both your home and work address and at this point we’re just trying to locate you for the purpose of serving paperwork. We will serve you at work because you’re there 8 hours a day." I asked why she kept repeating that she was attempting to locate me when she had my contact information. I have been located. She answered, "For location purposes."

She said the case had already moved far in the process but maybe her supervisor would allow me to settle my debt rather than get served paperwork at work. She put me on hold and came back with the wonderful news that I’m so special they’d make an exception and allow me to provide my debit card number for resolution.

I said no.

She said, "We’ll have no choice but to call your boss for the purpose of locating you and serve you paperwork at work. This is a matter of public record. You can stop it right here if you give me your debit card number."

I said, "You’re not getting my debit card number. Serve me at work. At least then I’ll know what this is about."

She said, "Okay… we’ll continue the process. Good luck."

The next day Emily Jackson called my cell phone again. She stated since I refused to cooperate and provide the information requested she had no choice but to contact my employer. This time she named my employer. She then called my work number and left the same message. Then she spoke with HR, claiming she needed my home address so they could serve me with Hennepin County Court paperwork at home rather than at work. (I guess they lost my home address overnight.) HR did not provide it and instead notified me.

Emily also called my parents and brother, all in other states.

My father called Hennepin County and asked about it. They said it’s a "known scam."

I filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Commerce and informed my supervisor.

I also googled fair debt collection + location and found debt collectors are free to contact third parties in order to locate a consumer, so I guess this is how Allied Litigation and their "affiliate" attempt to justify the illegal acts of claiming to represent "the county courts," refusing to document the debt, claiming legal action is taking place, informing your employer legal action is taking place, and so on.

This scam is not well known enough that I had ever heard of it, so I’m passing on this information for other people: I made a huge mistake by actually responding. And responding from my work phone, no less, which is how things quickly escalated from "We’ll notify your employer" to actually specifying my employer by my company’s name and then doing exactly that.

Ignore these people. I know it’s hard. I know it’s embarrassing. But anyone who calls you claiming it’s a financial matter but doesn’t do any basic verification of your personal information before talking about a debt – which they would have, had you ever done business with them or anyone they’re representing – is not legit. Anyone who talks about "court paperwork" rather than a summons is trying to avoid incriminating themselves with clear litigation language. Anyone who threatens legal action and states they will inform your supervisor if you won’t give them money is nothing but a thief. Report them to the Department of Commerce, the BBB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FTC.

Lindsay –

Victim Location 93291

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a voicemail from "Allied" a "law office" saying that if I don’t reply my case will become public record and I will give up my legal rights. Etc. etc. Woman on the voicemail sounded like she didn’t graduate primary school. When I ask for what state they are licensed to practice law they say "several". I asked for the name of any lawyer in their group who is licensed to practice law and in which state, they hung up. They claim to process work for "the county" but wont say which one. When I ask for a physical address they hang up.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 54501

Type of a scam Debt Collections

received a phone call for my daughter. I explained she does not live here. They asked for her address and phone number. I said I would take their number and give it to her. I did not give information out over phone. They said if I did not the sheriff would be sent to my home to obtain this information and if I did not give them the information I would be arrested on the spot. I said O.K. same rules apply give me your number I don’t divulge information over phone. She asked if I had a sister named Susan (I said nope) she accused me of lying. I told her to get my number out of her system and never call again. She told me to stop talking and shut up or I would be arrested. I told her to stop over talking me and do not call me again. I notified my daughter and she called them and got the same run around and threats. I tried calling the number they gave me which I got a voice mail saying it was full and not accepting anymore messages. I tried this number several times and finally got a different lady and I explained that I was contacting the sheriff myself and needed their full name. She spelled out ALLIED LITIGATION. and proceeded to threaten me with the sheriff and that this is recorded. I responded great I like evidence. She proceeded to tell me they would be at my door soon. She hung up on me. I called back and asked for their license number per my lawyers request and she said quote" NO you didn’t" I said yep I did and I would need that license number. She said if my number pops up on her phone again she will take me too court for harassment. I explained they called me and wanted a return call. She said ‘DONT CALL AGAIN" The sherrif will arrest you. They also stated that if I didn’t give my daughters information over the sheriff would come to my workplace to arrest me.



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