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Janet –

Victim Location 68025

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have gotten a few calls from these people and never answered until today. I have nothing in collections, I check my credit frequently and checked today also after they called me. They called to collect a debt they had received from Capital One. They man barely spoke English and he kept asking for me by name but I refused to say who I was until he told me what the company was. He then rattled off my address, which was two of my addresses combined, and asked me to confirm. The more I refused to confirm the more frustrated he got. I confirmed the address even though no such address exists just so that he would tell me what he was calling for. He proceeded to tell me he was collecting a debt and claimed that I had opened an account in October of 2013 and quit paying in 2016 so they gave the account to them. Well when I look at my credit I have nothing open in collections and the day he claims I opened the account is the day that I closed the account, it even shows that date on my credit score. He continued to harass me for a payment and I told him I was not going to give him that information because I didn’t believe I owed this money. He then tried to tell me that the call was recorded so I could feel comfortable giving him my card information. The more I refused the more angry he got. He then badgered me about why I wasn’t making these payments and why I couldn’t just make the payment online. I finally hung up with him and he hasn’t tried to make further contact as of yet.



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