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Wesley –

Victim Location 10467

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Monday, January 9th, I received an email in my Yahoo account from Allegro Luxury. The email states: Surprise Reward! "Please read this: $50 [CVS] gift card! Pending your entry. I looked at the email because I am a regular CVS shopper. The email was actually an offer to receive a free gift from Allegro Luxury if I paid the $5.99 shipping. They offered what looked like a cute black bag which I was looking to purchase anyway so I ordered their "bag" and paid my shipping fee of $5.99. I received the bag about a week later. It is actually a wallet not a bag. On Wednesday, January 25th, when I checked my checking account through Capital One bank a "recurring debit charge" of $98 was posted to my account. I immediately took action and contacted Capital One. They gave me the phone number associated with Allegro Luxury or: CPI*styleonln 8 CA. I called the merchant and complained about the $98 charge. I was informed by Supervisor Sylvia Davis that if I did not respond to the company within 14 days after ordering the product that I would automatically be charged $98 per month by the company! I informed her that I disputed the charge with my bank and that she was going to reverse the charges and I will send her bag back to her. I also informed her that I would file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office. The information I was given thereafter was the following: The confirmation numbers for the charge reversal are –*** *** ***. Capital One bank has been given this information. They are working on my claim.

I have also filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

Kimberly –

Victim Location 27360

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A facebook ad was posted by this company to try a handbag and pay a $5.95 shipping fee. Then a monthly draft started within 30 days of receipt of this bag. There was nothing noted that this was a recurring charge. I called my bank and filed a report. I called this company and canceled this account and asked to have the additional $98 drafted from my account be returned and that I would send the handbag back. I was given a cancellation code of C662647 and was told the money would be refunded and to keep the handbag. I called 1/18/17, and the woman was reading replies back to me from a printed reply and would not allow me to speak to a manager. She wanted me off the phone so that they could continue to do business. Very disappointed that this business continues to scam people.



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