Allan Sandus Jr

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Miguel –

Victim Location 77492

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Other

On Monday November 23rd at 10:56 am, my sister Laura Cortazar contacted Allan Sandus Jr via Craigstlist (Dallas). He said he had 4 Cowboys tickets, section 119, row 2, seats 5-8 and that he was selling them for USD$800, but she offered USD$700. He agreed and said to pay via PayPal to his email [email protected] so he can overnight the tickets so she can get them on time for the game. My sister contacted me as she didnt have PayPal, so she said if I paid him, then she would pay me when we saw each other during Thanksgiving. I made the transaction of USD$700 to the email provided of Allan Sandus, and the transaction was made to his account. I sent my sister two emails with screen shots of the payment processed and confirmation, so he would know the payment was done. In Irving, TX On Wednesday November 26th, the door bell at the house rang, my mom came out right away as I told her that it was probably UPS with the tickets. Right away she opened the door, and picked up the envelope that UPS had left on the floor. I met her at the door and grabbed the envelope and right away i noticed it was ripped. I completed the ripped to open the envelope and noticed it was empty. I yelled at my mom "the envelope is empty" so we both ran after the UPS truck and made him stop. I told the driver that we received an open UPS express envelope that was empty. He then said (and I quote) "the envelope wasnt opened when I dropped it off". I explained exactly what I did and questioned him if I was lying? He didnt answer my question, he just said (and I quote) "the envelope was heavy when i dropped it off", then I told him, it couldnt have been heavy because it was empty. I asked him to call his manager so I could report the incident. The manager showed up, I explained what had happened and he told me to file the claim via 1-800-742-5877. I did, however, UPS was not very helpful. They told me that it was great that I filed the claim, but that I couldnt follow up with them, as they would deal with the shipper and I basically got screwed over by UPS and the shipper, as I have already paid the shipper, but then I couldnt get my money back from UPS nor from the shipper. I also called the Irving Police Department, which sent out a unit to our home, so I can report the incident. The Police Officer was very nice, told me he couldnt report anything, but that he would help me in case anyone needed his testimony. He gave me his business card, his name is *** *** *** *** *** ***, email: ***, cellphone: ***, phone: ***. During all this was happening, both my sister and I were texting and calling the shipper (Allan Sandus Jr) and he never responded. He kept doing all this until midnight, even via email and so far no luck. At this point I am 100% this was a scam. We have emails and texts to prove all this.The tracking number given for UPS was 1Z 17A 083 13 9500 1217 (NEXT DAY AIR SAVER)was shipped from Allan Sandus Jr (cellphone 731-267-1761, address 1110 Fredricksburg Cove, Jackson TN 38305). Shipped to: Laura Cortazar (8724 Drayton Dr. Irving TX 75063). I was victimized by Allan Sandus and UPS. I would like my money back as this was a scam. My contact information is *** *** (*** *** *** *** *** *** ** ***, cellphone: ***).



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