All-Star Husky

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Chase –

Victim Location 36054

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a female husky from this website. Was in contact with the people the whole time. The day of shipment everything went as planned until a hour before my puppy was to fly. Then the pet carrier called needing life insurance and 1600$ or she couldn’t fly. We didn’t send the money and were told she couldn’t fly and the transfer people warned us it was a scam. They kept saying they were insulted and would refund the original payment of 500$ when we called to ask why we were not told of the life insurance to fly and if the puppy was ok since it was allegedly sitting at the airport all day. Then he would not answer the phone. Too many red flags with the shipper and them not taking visa. I was stupid, BUT these people are obviously on a roll at stealing and lying to people. They went from small dogs and just changed their names, someone should stop them.



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