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Brad –

Victim Location 40385

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A man came to my home, claimed to be with my security provider ADT. Offered my father free upgrades, then later stated that he was with Alder Home Security and could offer better equipment and a locked in rate. He went to his car to get some things to install and I went online and did some research, to find that they have pulled this door to door scam on several people in and around my area in the past year or so. He was in my house, and had my father sign some sort of agreement, but did not install anything. He was told several times to leave and that we weren’t interested but he kept insisting the company was legitimate, etc… finally after being told 4 times to leave he did. As he was going out the door he said "go ahead and let adt bully you into their crap services." He also said that adt and other big security companies pay off the bbb and people to say they are a scam. They have a bbb rating of d+ and there have been many many complaints, and government actions taken towards them. Had they installed a system according to the research I did, when we wanted it uninstalled due to it being of poor quality, they would have charged around 3,000 dollars to remove it. They’ve done the same to several people around here. I have tried to contact them to cancel the agreement, to no avail. They also have a copy of a voided check from my father. They are nothing more than door to door scammers, offering lies, and deception to technologically unintelligent people. Had it not have been for me coming home when I did, we would have their system installed and be in worse shape. The only name I got from the so called sales person was Jason. I just hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and that I can get this taken care of.



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