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Paula –

Victim Location 07828

Total money lost $59

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So we are an online retail store looking for wholesalers and we have a License and EIN number. This is our first retail store…..we are still new at this. We were just looking for an honest wholesaler that had prices that we may re distribute to the public. We found Albany Distributors, we called them first someone answered and was very forth coming about what we needed to do. Ok so we do not need anything verifying our account we just sign up…oh but wait there is a fee of 59.00 dollars. Ok so we are discovering that this is common, ok no red flags yet. We asked sent all info in got the account set up and then started to place orders. We then proceeded to call that night we placed the order, and asked when will it process. A man answered the phone as did the first time we called and they said "it should be the next day or so" We said ok and did not think about it. The next day the order was on a hold 0ct 18th the order was placed.RED FLAGS ALL THE WAY!!!! its now Nov. 4th, still have had no movement in the order. Now we already called the bank to put a stop to the payments if any, and pretty much get our 59 dollars back from the bank. So we have no movement. On 10/23/18 and looked for my order and called 7 times no answer. Same as 10/23/18 another 3 times called the next monday and still no answer. See the idea that your a "business" and you have customer service they should pick up. And you cant say that they were busy because we called on a Monday 9 am. the minute they opened.



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