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Lydia –

Type of a scam Employment

A lady named Patricia Tremblay contacted me by e-mail in my local language (french) with a job offer. The job is really well paid (30$/h) and is suppose to be payment management. They said they offer a formation and not to worry about learning the job because somebody will help me for that. I have absolutely no experience in business management or any education in finance. I gave them some already public information like my name, adress, references… They never contact my references and three days later they said i had the job, without an interview or any phone/skype talk. At this point, they ask me to fill a work contract and a form for direct deposing my salary in my bank (asking for social number and bank number). I was highly sceptical, so i try to phone Patricia and i had prepared some confusion question for her to answer and to see if she contradict herself. The phone number was not working, no answering machine, no ringing, the call just stop. So i was pretty confident in flagging them here on BBB.



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