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Deanna –

Victim Location 30114

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from an unknown source telling me that a law firm is trying to contact me in reference to a debt and a civil lawsuit. I called the number I was given and a person by the name of Raymond *** answered. I identified myself and told him I was given a case number on a law suit and he requested the case number. Once I gave him this information I began to ask questions about this case and he told me he could only say it was for a hospital and the amount I owed. I asked a few more questions and Mr. *** became upset and rude and told me to "stop it" that I did not need to continue speaking or ask anymore questions. I advised Mr. *** that he was acting unprofessionally and was not to speak to me in that manner. At that time he became angry and told me that I would need to contact the hospital that was suing me and conduct my own investigation/research and he then hung up on me. I called him back and he answered the phone telling me to "stop calling" and he hung up again.

I contacted the said hospital and after they researched my medical records they told me that there was no debt owed by me to this hospital. I then reconfirmed this information with the financial dept. at which time they transferred me to the patient relations office and they filed a ID theft/Scam report. For this reason I feel this was a scam call.

Thank you i advance for your attention to this matter.



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