alameda metals

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Jeremy –

Victim Location 93532

Type of a scam Other

The company is called alameda metals. Address 37815 6th st east, palmdale, ca, 93552..

They have been mismarking the containers that they use to weigh people’s bottles/cans/plastics that they recycle. I went in and asked if I could weigh their containers empty to see if the weight displayed on each one was accurate and the true weight of each container I weighed was under. Every container I was allowed to weigh, weighed one ounce to one lb under the weight displayed. I say allowed because When I started pointing out this discrepancy they asked me to leave. They didn’t want the other customers that were recycling to find out this information. There scamming their customers by paying them less money than what their recyclables are. Someone needs to go out there and check up on them or they will continue to cheat people out of money that their owed.



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