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Brandi –

Victim Location 10954

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Employment

First I was looking for a job in the internet then this Anthony McCall responded to my resume and he wants me to add him in HAGOUTS app then from there we communicate he asked me questions thats our means of communication.He is ibterviewing me thru that app.He told me I will receive a check from them for me to buy all my office supplies because they dont have an office located in New York but soon they will have but for the meantime I will do my job online or homebase job.Then he said they will send me s check. Last Jan 21,2019.I received the check worth $3900 so the next day Jan 22,2019 I went to my bank TD bank Nanuet to deposit the check but before that I withdraw my money but I left $200 for mqintenance but I used lift so ending balance of $190. Then I messaged Anthony that I already deposited the check so he asked me to screenshot and send him the deposit slip so I did. Then Jan 24,2019 I went to the city and I tried to check thru my td bank mobile app if the check was funded so yes it was funded so I messaged him again thru hangout.After he asked me to buy amazon cards worth $2500 for the sofrware he is going to buy for my macbook laptop because they only buy in their trusted vendor who knows their software etc etc. And he told me tge $200 is fir my sign on bonus.So I told him I cant buy it in one store.So i started buying amazon cards first in duane reade in eadt 77th lexington but they the limit of $700 so i bought $500 $100 $100 then after buyibg he wants me to send the receipt and the coupon code at the back so I did..Then went Duabe Reade east83rd to buy anothe $700 ($500 $100 $100). Again I sent the receipt and coupon code.Then went to CVS asked them they have the limit of buying amazon cards they said $2000. So I told myself im so lucky I can buy the rest of the amazon cards I needed to buy $1100 worth.So the cashier started to scan the amazon cards which is $100 denomination unfortunantely after scanning the 3 pieces worth $300 ($100$100$100) I received a messafe from TD bank askinf me if Im trying to buy amazon cards worth $300 so I answered Yes which is true I did.They blocked my debit card because they taught its already a fraud.So I messaged Anthony that I cant use my debit card anymire it was blocked so he asjed to send the remaining funds of $2000 ($3900- $200(sign on bonus)-$1700 amazon cards) to sonebody using zelle app.I told him I dnt know that app and I dnt know that person whom im gonna send the money. So I just made an alibi to him that I cant downloaf the zelle app because my memory is full. So he asked me to withdraw the money then buy the rest of the fund with amazon cards. It was raining so hard so I told him I cant do it anymore. I feel already something is wrong.Then the next I tikd him im.quittung the job ciz I feel strange. So I askedd him Ill just deposit the rest of the money $2000 back to them at first he is so hesitant to give a bank account he till wants me to use zelle but im so pushy so eventually he gave me a bank account. He is so pushy for me to dwposit asap but I tild Im got sick because of walking and walking to buy the amazon card o I told him I can to do it the next day but Then that day Jan 25, 2019 I called TD bank I told the custoner service everything and I even told him I feel like i was scammed but he assured me that for as long as I didnt give Anthony my bank details nothing for me to worry about. So I felt good a little. Then on tgat day too I checked my bank account thru my td bank mobile app i was so shocked I saw that they returned the check of $3900 so now I owe TD bank the amazon cards that I bought wortb $1700. I was just so surprised why TD bank didnt even call or alert me about it. They just allowed that so easy and simple returning check. So I called TD bank about it they asked me to go to the police and report it and send the police report to TD bank for further investigation. On that sane day I even calked Amazon custoner service and reported too. I gave Bria the custoner service who assisted lusten to me patiently I gave her alk the coupon cides of all the 9 amazon cards i bought.she tokd me she will report it and she even gave me a copy thru my email.I asjed her if theres any way they can stop the cards they said they will try. So Jan 27 went to TD bank pearl river branch again told the customer what happened still the same answer go to the police etc etc. So that evening went to Clarkstown police station to give my statement then Jan 29 2019 I picked up the police report then give it TD bsnk Nanuet branch together with the amazon’s custoner service emails to me and even the check copy that td bank sent me telling it was not funded. Then Feb7 morning Bria from Amazon customer servumice called me and told me that $653 worth of amazon cards they got it back then they put it in my amazon account..I told Bria I dnt need that cards I need my money back. She said my bank should do something about it.



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