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Meagan –

Victim Location 02176

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I opened a website and immediately a notice purporting to be from Windows support came up. Claimed tobe from Microsoft. Said not to turn off computer, and gave 1-855 number to call, saying dangerous website or some such. Called that number and they immediately went into my computer and "found" horrible virus, and "foreign emails" and whatever. Said I needed a level 5 technician claimed to find in my area, and they took about an hour to "rid" my computer of all stuff. They showed me what supposedly wasn’t working. My AVG did not pick up on the stuff they claimed to have found. Called me back and said it was fine. I saw them doing stuff, I couldn’t recognize it all but did see things named antivirus, antispyware but don’t know if they were real either. Then they offered ridiculous "protection and warranties", 3-year for $299.99, lifetime $449.99 and insisted on payment by check over the phone. Gave it to them for $299.99 on August 5, 2016 but as of Aug 17, 2016 check has not gone through my account. Found that they were called a&j technologies (if that was real) online and that they are in Florida, by Googling the 877-251-2155 number they had given me to call "if I had any problems." Called them re the uncashed check and got message that person trying to reach was unavailable, leave a message.



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