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Victim Location 02830

Type of a scam Other

I received a call at work today with a gentlemen on the other end stating that I am being sued for a payday loan that wasn’t paid. He said this loan was taking out in April of 2012. He said that I owed them money, and that it went through my bank account and through yahoo. He said that I would be getting served at my work. As I proceeded to tell him that they can’t come to my work and do that he hung up on me. I went to my bank and got a print out of my statement for that month and year and there was no pay day loan on it. I am worried that they will keep calling my work and harassing me. The name of the company was AG Financial. I did dial star 69 after I hung up and called them back when I got home and told them not to call my work. I gave them my cell phone number (probably a mistake) incidentally the man who had called me at work left for the day.



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