Aflatunense Or Changhoodie

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Mitchell –

Victim Location 25701

Total money lost $79.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This site used to be called Aflatunense, but as I just found out a few moments ago, they changed their site to Changhoodie. I found a sponsored advertisement about a Broadway quilt on Facebook. I decided to buy it because it would have been the best Christmas present for my girlfriend. After I bought it, I waited a week for it to get to my place. It never came. I started researching the site and looking at their terms of service. Their terms said that they are operated by I contacted that site and said that they had no idea about my purchase and did not have a account number for me. I contacted “Aflatunense” and they told me they do not operate out of any other site. I then knew that I was scammed. I went to the site and pushed the link to cancel my order and it took me back to I emailed and Facebook messages the seller and told them I wanted to cancel my order and get my money back. I never received any other message and I was then blocked from sending them any other messages. They also blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page so I could warn anyone else. Everything looked legit and real. I never received the product and I never received my money back. I am now having to fight with my bank in order to get something done. I have reported everything I can. I just do not want this happening to anyone else.




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