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Seth –

Victim Location 48420

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

When I clicked on a news feed in facebook my computer was blocked (the whole screen) by a notification that there were numerous viruses and that "Windows" or "Microsoft" (both icons were present) would fix it by calling 18002617658. This number led me to Affixpro, a technical support company. (BTW the news article I clicked on said that Bill Cosby had died! Well, he didn’t.) Since I had no way to access my computer I trusted their very smooth-talking, confidence-building sales person, Karan. At least five times I asked how I could be assured they were legitimate. Again, very smooth answers. I gave access to my computer for two issues: remove the viruses and install Symantec Endpoint Protection. They would not accept a credit card, only an echeck. Dumb me. For $575.99 they "cleaned" my computer, allegedly installed a "lifetime" Symantec Protection and gave me lifetime tech support. By calling Symantec, the legitimate company, I discovered that the software is actually around $56 and that I should have received a certificate of authenticity for the software, which I didn’t. I have generated a stop payment with my bank. After a lengthy discussion with the billing department of Affixpro, to their credit they cancelled my tech support policy and cancelled the payment transaction. If there are any repercussions in the future, I will report at that time.



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