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Alana –

Victim Location 57071

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

From: "Advance Personal Loan" <[email protected]>

Date: Apr 20, 2015 11:03 AM

Subject: Loan Agreement

To: "*** **" <***>


Dear *** ***,

Congratulations, your application has been approved to borrow the loan up to $30000.00 This is a short term loan with easy monthly installments like $458.95 for next 72 months and affordable interest rates.

Instant Cash Advance, one of the prominent bodies works well for its customers by offering easy, fast and convenient services. It works for the customers just by three steps mentioned blow:

1. We Got Your Application…!

As it greatly speeds up the whole application process and you get your fund at the rapid pace.

2. Get Approved…!

You will be informed or contacted by a loan representative “by phone or email” so as to confirm your personal details and finish off the entire procedure.

3. Get Funds…!

Once the entire application procedure is fulfilled, the cash will be transferred into your bank account. The entire process only consumes a few hours of 24-hours, so you can get the extra fund you need same day.

Are you Eligible?

· At least 18 years of age

· Must have valid bank account

· Must be a resident of United State

· Paid by direct deposit to a US bank account

. To get this loan have to make $1500.00 consider as wire transfer fees , Document fees to

Approvel of amount $30000.00 from FDIC and BBB

Please, find the enclosure with terms and conditions is attached.

For, Instant Cash Advance,

David Jones (Loan Officer)


One Congress Plaza

111 Congress Ave,

Austin, TX – 78701, USA</[email protected]>



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