Adonor Nicholas

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David –

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Romance

Started chatting on the dating site POF. Conversation started to move slow at first then it was move to Hangouts app. The conversation went on for approximately four weeks. With very convincing stories and words. Then they wanted me to send a package to Iraq. It was in conjunction with Hangouts and this guy’s phone number that I gave. He pretended to be a courier for an army base in Iraq. He claimed he was sanctions who the UN to go on site and deliver and receive packages. I sent an overseas package containing certain food items women’s products . shampoo . Athletes foot cream. Medicated foot powder. Aspirin. Eye drops all the things in Army soldier would use or want. Did not suspect a thing at this time. Then after about a week or two it was discussed that she was going to move in with me up here. So she wanted to ship some documents and clothing and other valuable items to me here so she would have them when she arrived. Still dealing with Adonor Nicholas as a courier the packages were supposedly picked up by him and we’re going to be shipped out here by him. The package I sent all in all cost about $1500 The packages that were supposed to be shipped to me cost $3,000 so between some online wire payments to this guy and also a MoneyGram. His last request now was $2,500 and supposedly he’s at customs in Ghana wanting an ownership transfer payment. At this time I told him I was out of funds and we’ll have to wait for her to show up here next week. The name he used was Jennifer Clerk. How I found out about this was I copied and pasted a picture of her into Google. And this showed up as a scam.



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