Acting as – US Bank

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Brendan –

Victim Location 83631

Type of a scam Phishing

We received a letter from US Bank (supposedly) that had one name correct on the address and the other name incorrect (my spouse’s). The letter said that we had applied for a joint credit card (which we had in the past, but had already completed that transaction) and that they needed more information to approve the credit card. They asked me to call the number listed above, and speak to FGNDS1A1 (whomever that is). The letter appeared to come from a poor copier, with some ink streaks on it. They wanted additional information so that they could "approve the application" within ten days. This is the first time I have received a phishing scam through the US mail, and I found that very unsettling. We have certainly received the stupid phone calls (which we just hang up on), including the grandchild one. I would like to know how we can quit being a target!



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