Acting as Joe Farrar

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Edward –

Victim Location 55304

Type of a scam Other

The scammer knew that I work for Farrar Corporation and sent me an email from Joe Farrar (who is really my boss) and used the following email address, Joe Farrar . The email appeared to be from my boss requesting me to go buy 5 – $100 Google gift cards and scratch the backs of for the authorization codes and take a picture of them and send the picture of them via email so they could disperse the gift cards to clients at a meeting tonight.

It sounded a little strange so I called my boss, Joe Farrar and he said he didn’t send the request. The request is part of an email scam. Someone tracked my employment with Farrar Corporation and found out who the CEO was, then created a phony email address and sent the request to me so it appeared to be coming from my boss.



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