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Ana –

Victim Location 90056

Type of a scam Phishing

I recently returned to my job after medical leave and within a week a person shows up to the reception desk and says they are here to serve legal documents. This person leaves the name “Mr. Bill,” and leaves a reference number with a 855 toll free number.

I called the number and the initial person did not state a company name, but asked for the reference number and proceeded to transfer me. An older male took the call and sounded hostile and asked me to identify my name and give my social security number. I declined and asked the man to tell me and I will confirm. At this time the man had a threatening tone and I ended the call.

I called back within an hour to get more information. I had the same experience with a different male representative and when I asked for the name of the business I was given “Law Firm ACG/ACG litigation.” The man on the phone became agitated as so continued questioning. He would not tell me where they were located or any other information. He combated my questions with questions.

I researched online and could not find any information on this company nor the toll free number. I reported to the FTC as well.



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