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Krystle –

Victim Location 10017

Type of a scam Utility

A woman named, Abigail, called and didn’t identify the name of the business, but said that they were our provider for fire extinguish services and that we were due for an inspection. After I told her our business hours she passed the phone to a man who first said the inspection would be $110, that they wanted cash or check, and then a moment later he said it would be $150. It seemed sketchy so I asked from what company they were calling, I got their phone number and said I would look in my records to see what we paid last time and call them back.

Turns out that they are not our provider, and that they’ve showed up at our business before saying they are and trying to get us to sign a contract for services. The Yelp reviews are particularly condemning. They keep calling, trying the same tactics. I asked them not to call again and Abigail insisted that her records show that ABC is, in fact, our provider.



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