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Joe –

Victim Location 78130

Total money lost $200.27

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered an item from abathingapeclub.com on 11/11/18. The price of the item was $154.99 and I paid $15 for EXPEDITED shipping, said to arrive in 5-7 working days. I contacted the seller through email 4 times before finally receiving a response that was no help at all. When the item finally cleared in my bank account on 11/14/18 it was in the amount of $200.27. Again, I attempted to contact the seller over and over again, and not only did they fail to respond, but my emails were returned to me as "failed to deliver." I felt scammed and taken advantage of. I worried and stressed so much that I cancelled my bank card and ordered a new one, out of fear. I finally received an email from the seller on 11/20/18 stating they just now shipped my item and provided me with a tracking number on a website that is in Chinese. This item was a birthday gift for my son, whose birthday has come and gone. This company has not only disregarded my emails and every question I have asked them, and they have completely disregarded the extra money I paid for faster shipping. They waited 8 days to finally ship my item. Not only did the cost rise from $154.99 to $200.27, but that $15 should be refunded to me. I now have no bank card for two weeks while I wait on a replacement. I still don’t believe we will receive the item I ordered. It is now 11/27/18 and the item is still listed as being "in transit." How can a package fail to go anywhere in 7 days? I have no confidence at all in this company and I will do everything I can to make sure nobody else goes through what I am going through.



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