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Amelia –

Victim Location 08816

Type of a scam Other

The Employee from A + AIR DUCT SERVICES came and saw the 29.90 coupon on a local flier that says the package includes: all unlimited Vents, one main duct, plenum chamber, based on 1 furnace additional returns and main ducts are priced separately. It says choose 1 free service with purchase of complete air duct cleaning: 1) Free dryer vent cleaning, 2) Free Return-Intake Cleaning, 3) Free Air Duct Deodorizer. We chose the Free Dryer Vent Cleaning Option.

When the employee arrived, he said he cannot do the service for $29.90 without consulting his manger. So he talked to the manger and said $75 for complete service. Then I said no, and I agreed to only $60. Then he agreed, and I specified I wanted Air Ducts and Free service of Dryer Vent. Then I filled out my name and address and signed the paperwork. However, there was no numerical value of the work. Then he started working and completed the work. I went to pay him a $60 check, and he brought the form that I previously signed and showed me that it said the fee was $250 which was not written when I initially signed. Then he talked to his manager, and he said that if you do not pay within 15 days, then we will send a court notice. He also tried to bribe us by saying if we pay $200 in cash right now, there will be no court notice. I talked to my brother in law and asked him to come, but he left before my brother in law arrived. After he left, about minutes passed and the manger called three times, two times on home phone number, and once on the cell phone. He called and threatened saying that if money was not paid within 15 days, then he would increase the fee to $450. Then he said derogatory words such as " *** ***. Then he tried to keep calling multiple times but we ignored the call.

In between the conversations, we tried to asked for a receipt, but he did not give it and he ran away.

He did not even clean at the end of the service, as he was too busy running away.



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