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Jessica –

Victim Location 60131

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

For the past two years or so, a man named T. (possibly Terry or Thomas) Jermyn has been showing up to my place of business, claiming that he does inspections for the local business’s fire extinguishers. The last time he came to my business was around April 2018. He "inspects" my store’s fire extinguisher, then demands a payment of $25 in cash for placing a new tag on it to verify that it’s valid for the fire department. I believed him, since the local fire department is not too far from my business. But this past year, I have been informed of scams involving fake fire extinguisher inspections and further research has led to believe that this could be a scam. When I look up T. Jermyn’s company "A-1 Tech Fire Equipment Company," nothing turns up online, not even with the address that is shown on the extinguisher tag." Also, when the address is put into google maps, a home address is displayed, not a business locale. Also, the phone number on the tag appears as someone else’s name on caller ID (Carol Lazaro). Yet, T. Jermyn puts this phone number as his "business" number. Lastly, through my research, I learned that fire departments do not charge people for these types of inspections and will only send someone who actually works there and has a badge. T. Jermyn always shows up in street clothes and clearly has no fire department badge. I truly hope that this will be investigated and if this truly is a scam, then I want this person stopped. I’m very certain that my business is not the only one that T. Jermyn has "inspected" and demanded money from. This needs to be looked into to prevent other people from being taken advantage.



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